Peter - portrait/ritratto

Peter - portrait/ritratto

martedì 25 gennaio 2011

T S Eliot Prize 2010

Derek Walcott with White Egrets took the TS Eliot Prize 2010. Here are some comments:

* How very safe the winner of the TS Eliot prize is! - Andrew Taylor
* ... a great few months for Faber poets: Derek Walcott (T. S. Eliot Prize); Seamus Heaney (Forward) & Jo Shapcott (Costa Poetry). The triple! - Faber & Faber
* "It took us not very long to decide that this collection was the yardstick by which all the others were to be measured. These are beautiful lines; beautiful poetry," said Anne Stevenson, chairman of the jury.
* There's a lot of flimsy poetry out there tossed around as "magnificent" in Emperor's Best Clothes style ... Seeing Stars (Armitage) and The Mirabelles (Freud), frankly, were over-rated, Human Chain (Heaney) had already won something and I have not read the others. At least White Egrets had some substance ...Peter Eustace

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