Peter - portrait/ritratto

Peter - portrait/ritratto

giovedì 19 gennaio 2012

TS Eliot Prize 2012

Is it this time of year again already? Didn't manage to read all the listed books but feel prompted to comment anyway: Sorry, folks, but while Leontia Flynn is a nice name her poems are so insubstantial it's unbelievable. Definite case of mad pen disease aka creative writing syndrome. Trivial and flimsy most of the time. Sorry folks, but Haresent and O'Brien are dull and pompous, and rather boring at times. Think I'll just sit down and write an epic disease aka I'm a famous poet so I can write any crap I want syndrome. Of the others, I've only read Burnside in magazines but at least he has something to say and says it well. Still, a safe decision since he also took the Forward prize (the third to "do the double" after Hughes and O'Brien).

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