Peter - portrait/ritratto

Peter - portrait/ritratto

venerdì 3 dicembre 2010


Research involving animals is a colossal fraud: no drug tested on animals is safe for Man. NOT ONE. This fact is acknowledged by the deceitful researchers themselves. Consequently, their final goal is evidently direct experimentation involving human patients. So much so that 200-300,000 people die in Europe every year from causes linked with drugs prescribed by doctors, and a similar number in North America. More or less the entire population of a city such as Verona. 30% of illnesses in the United States are caused by medical errors. Clinical studies in human subjects are conducted on “volunteers” in poor countries obliged to do so for peanuts paid by pharmaceutical giants in order to survive. The same pharmaceutical companies refuse to allow “generic” production of drugs to treat malaria, for example, to ensure that this sad band of hapless human guinea pigs is always available ... they prefer researching products for treating galloping obesity in the western world and without exception place profit ahead of health. The WHO indicates that only 200 medicines are really useful – the rest should be thrown away. Lastly, the pharmacological sector is the sixth largest source of pollution in the world – and so bacteria develop immunity following contact with diluted quantities and the whole circle gets going again. And hunters blast their shotguns, scientists inject their poisons, carnivores devour their meat and genetics are modified without the least idea of the consequences. What fine progress. Congratulations, Mankind ... but perhaps I should say Man-Cruel.

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